Corporate Power Purchase Agreements
With Remarkable Social Impact

We develop regenerative solar farms to provide low cost, clean energy,

carbon farming and educational engagement for communities and businesses.

Regenerative Solar Farms – Carbon Farming – Education – Social Impact



Buy your clean electricity directly from one of our regenerative solar farms and take direct climate action


If you would like to gain long term discounted electricity with exceptional social impact we are accepting expressions of interest.

Simply pay for what you use. The Dromana solar farm is expected to make 6,112,000kWh
of clean electricity a year along with 6,200 LGCs

If you have a large commercial roof then we can install a zero capital solar system and offer you
a long term fixed price super low rate on the clean electricty you use. 


We are currently building a series of showcase regenerative solar farms as part of a ‘Climate Smart Farm Network’
Combining a 5MW solar farm with carbon farming project, micro-enterprises and education program to promote landscape wellness.


Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula is hosting the first install of a 5MW regenerative solar farm carbon farming project and educational data streaming. Mornington Peninsula Shire recently approved
the groundbreaking project which aligns
with their  ‘Climate Emergency Declaration’

Price Certainty

Secure low cost clean electricity at long term pre-agreed contract prices


Secure a simple way to achieve your decarbonisation targets

Social Impact

Buying directly from a Volt Farmer project comes with significant public social impact

Making an Impact at a Local Level

Volt Farmer projects are specially designed to enhance the biodiversity, regenerative agriculture and social opportunity of our host communities.

We combine small scale solar farms with carbon farming initiatives that provide value to both the local farming community as well as the environment.

Creating vitality and regeneration

Volt Farmer’s mission is to provide businesses and communities with opportunites to thrive in a changing climate

Clean Electricity


Carbon Certificates

6,200 LGCs/Year

Social Impact Credits


Start a Conversation to See How Much Your Business Could Benefit From Buying Directly From Your Local Volt Farmer Project



  1. Customers traditionally buy power directly from the grid at up to 35c/kWh
  2. We can supply you locally produced clean power from one of our solar farms
  3. The customer contracts to buy power generated by our solar farm at 9-14 c/kWh + network
    ( For periods of between 7 -25 years. Final price subject to length of contract)

    Private Solar Farms
    If you have unproductive land we can build you your very own solar farm.
    (We can finance and own the farm or you can own it if you prefer)

Key Benefits

  • Long term discounted clean electricity
  • Predictable prices
  • Bulk buy benefits
  • Shared community value
  • Significant sustainability messaging

If you have a large commercial rooftop we can fit a state of the art solar system which will produce incredibly economical power for you at a pre-agree rate per kWh. We install the solar system for zero capital. You simply agree to buy the discounted power. Simple.


Community Engagement

Local people understand their area intimately and early conversations help form the basis of any proposal. Volt Farmer works with local stakeholders at an early stage to collect feedback and ideas on what local people would welcome. Volt Farmer actively looks to create projects that promote the wellbeing of the host community.

Project Design

A mixed discipline team lead by Stephen Todd Founder of Volt Farmer whiteboard ideas to see what is technically possible and economically sustainable on potential project sites. Volt Farmer takes a holistic approach to projects to see what combination of enterprises will bring the best impact.

Project Delivery

Volt Farmer works with investment funders who have a high social license. Once a project has navigated the statutory hurdles our team then works directly with the investors to deliver the projects. From site works to engineering we actively seek to use local labour and due to the Volt Farmer mixed enterprise model our projects provide opportunities for the local community for 20+ years.

Shared Value

Volt Farmer provides local businesses the opportunity to access discounted clean electricity at exceptionally cheap rates. We also create micro-enterprises and economic development packages. Working with schools and community groups to provide educational resources and 
shared learning experiences in renewable energy, ecological and Indigenous cultural engagement.

Volt Farmer is currently promoting regenerative agriculture by providing training and demo days for local farmers interested in learning how to gain drought proof resiliency by adopting carbon farming techniques.

Reimagine Your Future

Using The Power of Business To Create Great Outcomes




Traditional owners


Volt Farmer acknowledges the Traditional Owners of this beautiful country where we leave our footprints every day of our lives, and with great respect to our forefathers and mothers, both past and present, of the land in which I work and live.

Be Part of Something Really Special

Corporate customers gain much more than cheap clean electricity. You get to send a strong message of a better future out to customers and the wider community.