Mornington Peninsula Pilot Project 2018


Volt Farmer approached Mornington Peninsula Shire with a proposal to lease the retired landfill site at Trueman’s Road, Tootgarook for the purposes of creating a solar and battery farm with a visitor’s center, bio-diversity planting, beehives and onsite enterprises including vertical farming and data mining.

Liaising directly with United Energy the energy network (poles and wires) the project was designed to power up to 1000 local homes or businesses with clean renewable energy.

By using the latest in intelligent software to control and optimise the solar farm’s power supply greater local grid stability can be achieved especially at peak times when demand spikes such as a very hot day with air con and swimming pool pumps drawing a huge load.




Volt Farmer has given Mornington Peninsula the first option to buy the renewable energy from the project to help them achieve their carbon neutrality target. There is significant local interest from businesses looking to secure low cost, locally produced clean energy if the Shire decides not to buy their energy from our project.

The Shire has been offered

  • First refusal on the low-cost clean energy
  • Zero capital legacy project with huge social benefits
  • Regeneration of a former landfill site
  • Bio-diversity package
  • Educational center
  • Beehives
  • Vertical farming for local enterprisers


Education Center
A visitor’s center helps bring the experience to life with educational interactive displays, the opportunity to make electrical circuits and puzzle solving. The center will have energy storage demonstrations showing the latest technology as well as historical demonstrations of windmills, water wheels, gravity batteries and even a mechanical spring energy storage system.

Schools’ Program
Creating an opportunity to engage with schools all over Victoria by running virtual reality games and competitions based around energy capture and storage.

Vertical Farming
Computer controlled shipping containers with a high efficient farm system to provide local entrepreneurs with a turnkey business opportunity. Using the renewable energy directly from the solar farm and captured rainwater, these ‘Vertical Farms’ provide fresh local produce 365 days a year for the local community.


Bee Farm
Supporting local pollination with bee colonies local honey is an added bonus. All the Volt Farmer projects contain bio-diversity planting and wildlife enhancement. The solar arrays only take up part of the site so it seems natural to boost the vibrancy of the location with wildflowers, bees and ecological corridors.

Artist’s units
Supplying wholesale electricity for artists and craftspeople in ecologically designed units helps to change the culture of the local area. What was once a desolate piece of landfill can support a vibrant and sustainable future for the area.


Ecological Regeneration
Enhancing the onsite bio-diversity, ecological and environmental conditions is a key factor for all our farms. Even if the site is a former landfill we can transform the wildlife habitat creation and plant wildflower meadows to regenerate once barren land towards a lively and environmentally positive outcome. As part of this process, local schools will be invited to help with onsite environmental audits and to experience the wildlife hotels.