Affordable Renewable Energy

With energy prices skyrocketing and grid reliability becoming an issue a number of local renewable energy projects have been commenced to address the issues.

Volt Farmer is currently exploring the feasibility of creating pilot ‘Local Grid’ projects within industrial estates, building a local solar farm and installing small solar power stations on rural properties.

Qualifying businesses will be invited to host a solar power system or be provided with access to economical locally produced carbon-neutral energy from a Mornington Peninsula renewable energy farm.

Expressions of interest are currently being sought to see how the initiative can best help your business.

Expressions of Interest For Phase One








Mornington Peninsula – Echuca – Warragul


The dramatic shift towards renewable energy despite strong resistance from the fossil fuel industry has ignited passionate real-world action with more and more Australians investing in generating clean and renewable energy .

Project aim

Volt Farmer is developing several trial projects to demonstrate how people can benefit from locally produced clean and green energy.

  • Microgrid – Connecting industrial units together to form an energy collective. As the technology develops we plan to link the collective using the latest in blockchain technology meaning local power trading peer to peer.
  • Solar & Battery Farm – Creating an ecologically designed renewable energy farm that also hosts sustainable agriculture and provides a sanctuary for wildlife. The green energy farms have been designed to provide additional onsite social benefits including an educational visitors center, vertical farming units, beehives and bio-diversity enhancements.
  • Small Scale Solar – Using subsidised solar systems to power agriculture and rural properties which can now also include intelligent software to optimise the onsite power usage as well as potentially help the system owner trade the power at times when the energy market makes it worthwhile.

About us

Volt Farmer is a renewable energy developer specialising in the planning and development of renewable energy power plants, from initial site selection to connection and commissioning. We believe passionately in developing a sustainable business model that enhances the environment, economy and social wellbeing

The digitization of energy management puts the control back in the hands of the power generators. Become a power generator by hosting a renewable energy system or support the development of a local project and enjoy cheaper clean power, control and security.