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People have shown a clear passion for environmental, social, and economic activity that can provide a better future, NOW.


We are creating renewable energy farms to provide customers with affordable, clean electricity that will inject value into the local community.


We are building a 5MW solar farm on the outskirts of Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula. The Dromana Solar Farm is particularly special as it combines a renewable energy farm with other onsite regenerative agriculture and food production activities.

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Dromana Solar Farm,
Mornington Peninsula,

The story so far

Growing environmental awareness, as well as economic pressure, has raised the interest in customers looking for locally produced clean electricity.

Several potential host sites have been identified on the Mornington Peninsula and these projects have been assessed by the local grid operators, United Energy

Renewable farm developer ‘Volt Farmer’ has now obtained permission to start construction of the first Peninsula renewable energy farm opposite the Dromana Industrial Estate on Collins Road, Dromana.

Mornington Peninsula Shire has granted planning permission for the 5MW small scale solar farm which aligns with their recently declared ‘Climate Emergency Action Plan’

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The Rosebud Business Estate Association fully supports the development of these local renewable energy projects and are committed to helping to bring greener and more cost-effective energy to local businesses and hopefully the greater community

Nicole Nicolle

Rosebud Business Estate

The Dromana Industrial Association is very excited about this  local initiative which will provide renewable energy to support the local economy

John & Georgina Plumridge

Dromana Industrial Association

We support the Volt Farmer renewable energy projects on the Mornington Peninsula. Local clean energy reduces our carbon footprint and creates a better future.

Vin Cheers

Vins Bins


Group buy commercial solar at one flat rate. Take advantage of an open and transparent group buy process where everyone pays the same rate per watt installed. Rooftop solar offers the very best electrical savings as it removes network delivery charges for power consumed ‘behind the meter’

We can offer three ways to fund rooftop solar including zero outlay where you host the solar on your roof and get to buy the cheaper electricity or if you want to own the solar system we have easy ways for you to finance it through a council backed  ‘Environmental Upgrade Agreement’ or if you really want to take advantage of the government subsidy and TAX write off we have straight purchase options.


Buying straight from the Dromana Solar Farm which supports local schools, environmental projects and community activities. Commercial customers can secure long term contracted power at discounted rates.

Installation of the Dromana Solar Farm is anticipated to start in early 2021

The Dromana Solar Farm is expected to produce 6,300,000kWh of clean electricity annually

The Dromana Solar Farm is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 6,300 tons a year

The Dromana Solar Farm is expected to produce enough power for 1,250 local homes or 300 small businesses

The Dromana Solar Farm is part of a Climate Smart Farm project which showcases regenerative agriculture, carbon farming, natural capital enhancement, farm diversification, agri-enterprises, education, Indigenous Australian cultural promotion and technology.

VOLT FARMER operates as a social enterprise to create positive social, economic, and environmental impact for our host communities.