Let us help you turn unproductive land into a profit-generating asset




Let us help you turn unproductive land into a profit-generating asset


Promoting local clean renewable energy production opportunities with blockchain connectivity for local economic benefit


We are developing a solar energy farm network on the Mornington Peninsula which will provide low cost, low carbon and secure power for local customers. Sites are currently being assessed for scope and suitability for solar PV with utility-scale smart batteries.

Increasing the amount of locally produced renewable energy using smart solar farm technology will give the Peninsula the freedom to enjoy the renewable revolution.

Locally Produced

Locally produced energy harvested from renewable sources

Low Carbon Energy

Reducing fossil fuel dependency by harvesting solar energy

Power Security

Creating power security with a distributed power generation network



If you just want the option of clean, green locally produced power

Many people decide to put going green ‘on hold’ due to information overload, aesthetic impact, and capital investment.

By signing up to buy locally produced green energy you can pass the responsibility for keeping up to date with the rapidly developing technology onto the solar farm operator. You get the direct benefit of the green energy, hassle-free and know that you are supporting local enterprises as well as the environment.

The participating retailer simply connects your premises or home to the solar farm and then manages all the risk, technical and commercial challenges.

You can also opt to have a power security battery fitted either as a low-interest repayment item or built into your power bill.


If you want to invest in a renewable energy project

The pilot project is pre-invested by solar developers however part of the model moving forward is providing investment opportunities to ordinary local investors who want to contribute positively to the renewable revolution.

Register your interest and we will keep you up to date with solar farm opportunities on the Mornington Peninsula.


If you want to invest in your own solar generation on your own property 

We have a number of very attractive funding packages from ‘No money down’ to low-interest finance from Sustainable Melbourne Fund or several of the major banks. If you have the physical space to host solar panels then it may even be possible to consider trading your excess energy using our interconnected blockchain network.



Connecting local consumers to the solar farm with smart green meters. Simple.

Our Shared Vision

Imagine there was a way for everyone to be able to power their homes and businesses from clean, green locally produced energy. Volt Farmer has worked with industry leaders in solar, battery and smart energy management to create an opportunity for the Mornington Peninsula to prosper from the renewable revolution.

The pilot project will create a small scale solar farm connected directly to its customers using blockchain technology. This provides the test bed to trial a distributed energy production network rather than the traditional reliance on fossil fuel power stations in other parts of the State.

Stage Two will be distributed battery stations and localised eco-boost batteries in commercial and residential customer’s premises.

With solar technology changing so fast it is time to meet the future.

Creating a Win-Win for everyone

We create a win-win scenario for anyone who wants to access low carbon energy, increasing the uptake of renewable energy and providing power security. People who don’t have sufficient roof space or who are in rented premises can still be part of the renewable revolution by becoming a solar farm customer.

Making Complexity Simple

Are you interested in demolishing your electricity costs?

We are looking for host sites in 2018


Commercial Roofs -Paddocks – Waste Ground

Free and quick assessment of possibilities
Q1. Will I be able to buy locally produced, clean green energy?

A1. Yes that is the plan. Solar farm customers will simply switch to our participating retailer and the green energy will start to flow straight for your use.

Q2. Wouldn’t it be easier for people to fit solar panels on their own homes and businesses?

A2. For many people the aesthetic, financial investment or property ownership holds them back. By  plugging into a local solar farm the green energy flows without the hassle.

Q3. What is it going to cost me?

A3. Switching to power from the solar farm is free. The power will be competitively priced and may, in fact, be cheaper than traditional fossil fuel electricity supplies.

Q4. What about night time?

A4. We can offer commercial and residential solar batteries at low or even zero interest if you want to be power self-determined.

Q5. What’s the catch?

A5. As the pilot project is modest there will limited capacity so you might miss out on this early stage opportunity

Q6. Is the solar farm power reliable?

A7. You will still be connected to the grid so should any freak weather, volcanoes or technical calamity befall the solar farm your power will be delivered from the normal filthy sources.

Empowering the local economy 

Creating the opportunity for locally produced clean & green energy


Renewable energy network designed to give local people the opportunity to invest and profit from the renewables revolution