Creating Educational Opportunites Around  Renewable Energy, Sustainable Agriculture and the Environment

The pilot ‘Volt Farmer Clean Energy Farm’ will have a visitor’s technology discovery center. Ensuring visitors of all ages feel the spark of curiosity and wonder with a range of hands-on experiments and challenges set out to cover renewable energy, environmental conservation and sustainable agriculture.

We plan to create and foster a range of educational programs to engage with schools and community groups. Promoting curious minds with interactive projects, the idea is to provide a framework for schools, mentors and community leaders to leverage off.

Apart from the visitor experience where energy production, transfer, and storage can be demonstrated, there will also be the opportunity to make gravity batteries, hydro energy and even human-powered computers!

In the solar farm arena, visitors will be able to see natural daylight being harvested and converted into electricity to power local businesses and communities.

Our pilot site will also have an environmental park with soil health, sustainable agriculture and carbon drawdown demonstrations. Visitors can witness agricultural drones and even robots going about their daily chores.

With a remote login in portal, the project will provide ongoing educational resources to farmers, students and anyone interested to watch how the site is contributing clean energy, environmental benefits and showcasing sustainable agriculture.



Immersive Education

Discover what it is like to fly around the site with a drone’s eye view and watch it record the soil temperature and condition. Fly right over the solar farm and swoop around the habitat created onsite to encourage wildlife. Learn how drones can help inspect solar farm performance and discover how virtual reality is creating opportunities to see the world in a new way.

Using drones, soil sensors, satellites and in field soil testing to show how data can create actionable insights

Ever wondered how drones can help monitor crop, soil and bio-diversity health? Come along and see a bird’s eye view of the project site and then watch how the collected data reveals its secrets. Harnessing the power of clever software that makes sense of ground sensors and aerial scouting that brings real-time information about the site.


Encouraging visitors to make circuits, create gravity batteries and watch as they have their ‘Lightbulb moment’ is priceless.

With a wide range of onsite energy gamification as well as puzzles and experiments the intention is to engage and let discovery take its course.

  • Energy Production
  • Energy Transmission
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Data
  • Internet of Electricity


See how regenerative farming practices draw carbon from the atmosphere and boosts soil health. Using photosynthesis to convert C02 into carbohydrates, carbon farming rebalances the excess greenhouse gas emission, supercharges the soil health, increases drought resilience and farmer’s profit.

  • Learn how soil health affects climate
  • Learn how to measure soil health
  • See the soil food web in action
  • See how technology can improve outcomes
  • Learn how to improve soil performance & health


Using the latest in digital microscopes get to see what’s going on in the plants, soil, and electronic circuits, all on the big screen. Ever wanted to see a fungus up close or how many silicon chips are on a sensors brain? Our science lab makes learning fun.

  • Soil Life
  • Plants
  • Electronics


Providing nature study trails on the host site along with video streams and night vision to capture the hidden world of the wildlife. We will also host bio-diversity and soil audits so schools can witness how sustainable farming can improve the overall biological health of a landscape.

  • Bio-diversity Audits
  • Soil Testing
  • Water Sampling


With a rich bio-diverse flower regime the intention is to host a bee farm onsite to help local agriculture and the well-being of the area. Bees are critically important for all our futures.