Solar Farm Energy For Business


The super simple way to get access to low cost, low carbon energy with a high social impact

Our team will help match you with the best network tariff and provide software to ensure you get the very best energy spend in your business. Saving money and the environment intelligently.

Behind your meter solar farm

If you have a paddock or a large commercial roof we can build a smart solar farm and offer you really special long-term power at predictable and dependable rates. Our farms are fully financed so you simply need to agree to buy the power. We do all the rest.

With changing technology and uncertain government policy creating market volatility, deciding to secure your power directly from a power purchase agreement creates security and surety for long periods of time.

Hosting a solar farm increases the businesses social reputation, carbon abatement and creates value greater than the simple cash flow savings.

Volt Farmer offers our solar host partners a complimentary marketing outreach program to maximise the positive social impact of your decision.

Don’t have land or need more power than your rooftop can support?

Buy direct from our solar farms

If you don’t have land or a sufficiently large roof to deliver all the power your business needs, we can provide you with a predictable and economical power purchase agreement. Sign up to buy your power from one of our local solar farms and reduce energy costs, emissions and price volatility.

You will have to pay a little more for the network charges as we have to use the grid to deliver your power however you will be getting locally produced, clean and economical power with long-term price surety.

The longer you contract to buy it the lower the cost. It’s that simple.

All our business customers get a complimentary social impact marketing package and project naming rights.

Steps to securing predictable energy supply


We conduct a concise feasibility study to see what size solar farm suits your needs


We apply for the planning and grid connection and deal with the entire process including building and maintaining  the solar farm


As soon as the solar farm is built you start receiving discounted, clean power direct from the farm. All you pay for is the cheaper power.


Customers of the solar farm receive a significant social media and marketing package