We are developing a number of showcase ‘Climate Smart Farm Projects’ which aim to inspire sustainable and regenerative development of farmland, landfill sites and communities.

These showcase projects combine local renewable energy production with carbon farming as well as providing local economic and educational development opportunities.

Our pilot site selection process is well underway and we are pleased to say 2019 will be an exciting year for our team as we engage with local stakeholders.

Each ‘Climate Smart Farm Project’ will provide a hub for interested parties to gain an understanding of the benefits ecologically sound renewable energy and regenerative farming can provide. The project data will be available for schools and universities as well as community and business groups to see real-world examples of measured change.

There are current 5 key sites under feasibility assessment in Victoria, Australia.






The Climate Smart Farm Project’s Key Components

The ‘Climate Smart Farm Projects’ seek to demonstrate how the latest in intelligent technology combined with regenerative practices can provide a clean and sustainable future that is both economically as well as environmentally positive.

Regenerative-Precision Agriculture

Demonstrating how the latest in digital positioning and data technology can reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Carbon Farming

Showing how business and Government are actively supporting the real-world uptake of farm practices that promote soil health and create Paris Agreement accredited carbon sequestration certificates.

Renewable Energy

As part of our projects we are building ecologically designed solar farms with a positive environmental footprint and share local value.

Education Centre

Our pilot sites will have a cutting edge digital immersive education centre with interactive learning and ever evolving data streams for teachers and students to engage with.

Farm Diversification

Droughts and challenging economic models for some farmers have helped inspire alternative revenue streams which our projects intend to promote.


Social Capital

The Volt Farmer projects create social impact credits as well as local shared value for the host community.

Indigenous Australian Culture

Promoting opportunities for the Indigenous Australian community as well as a living history experience with the online learning portal and immersive educational centre.

Natural Capital

Measuring and promoting bio-diversity using easily shared communication platforms.

Educational Outreach

Demonstrating how the latest in digital positioning technology can reduce agriculture’s carbon footprint.

Landscape Hydrology

Promoting data and current understanding of how to manage the landscape’s hydrological function to build resilience through strategic management.