Simply host a solar system or farm and enjoy dramatically lower energy prices. Simple.

Locally produced, low carbon energy for both conscience and pocket

Interested in reducing your energy costs?

Straight Purchase Agreement

Some people wish to own all their assets so we can also provide a turnkey renewable energy package along with very attractive low-interest green finance solutions.

Zero Capital Solar

With zero capital investment your business can enjoy discounted and predictable energy prices. The solar system is designed, fitted and managed by our expert team so you can focus on running your business with a high degree of certainty. Often referred to as a Power Purchase Agreement. (PPA)

Solar Farm Hosting

We are actively looking for suitable sites to develop small-scale solar farms with landowners. Sharing in the long-term profits by partnering with landowners looking to realize cash flow from dormant assets creates a win-win.

Businesses who host a solar array can enjoy long-term energy savings of up to 40%.
The advantage of a power purchase agreement is simple.The solar system is supplied
free of capital cost and operated by the power purchase agreement provider over the
contract term which can range from 10 – 20years.

You get lower cost energy and long-term energy price predictability.

A PPA is a popular option if you want the advantages of lower cost energy without having
to invest your business capital in a solar system.

Battery storage can be added either to the PPA agreement or as a separate low-interest
green finance option.