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We empower businesses who are looking to lock in long-term low prices for renewable electricity, recycle organic waste and increase their social reputation: 

Every renewable energy project we build generates 
'Social Impact Credits’ to spend on local community projects

What we can offer your business


(With High Social Impact)

6,112,000kWh/Annual Production
6,200 LGCs/Year
Bundled Clean Power Made Simple


DROMANA 4.85MW Regenerative Solar Farm


Volt Farmer is creating a series of showcase pilot projects which include imersive learning ‘Climate Smart Technology Centres’ to promote audience engagment in renewable energy, regenerative agriculture, carbon draw-down, Indigenous Culture, natural capital, water management and bio-diversity.

We build solar and battery farms giving easy access to low cost, reliable and renewable energy. Every Volt Farmer Clean Energy Farm project creates Social Capital Credits to support school and community initiatives 

All our projects come with a complimentary
social impact 
program. Ecological planting, soil health, sustainable agriculture, bee hives,
school science projects and other great ways to improve the local environment


Educating audiences about renewable energy, ‘waste to asset’, environmental management sustainable agriculture and the latest in the internet of things technology, School’s and community group packages

We are helping customers save money, reduce emissions and engage with their customers. Providing Packaged solutions for increasing sustainable business practices and reputation. We Make Things Simple.

Our projects promote positive environmental and ecological outcomes

We Encourage Nesting Birds

We Promote Schools' Engagement

We Promote Carbon Farming

We Promote Regenerative Farming Projects


Volt Farmer develops land use opportunities to provide farmers and the local community with sustainable sources of revenue. We build and finance solar farms, battery stations, green waste processing, soil health programs, promote carbon farming and alternative crops.


Farmers can gain access to long term drought resilient incomes and improve the productivity of their farms. The local community gains the opportunity of low-cost clean energy, support for enterprise development as well as local biodiversity improvement. 



Providing opportunities for real and meaningful improvement in the wellbeing of people, places, and the environment is Volt Farmer’s core mission


As part of our ‘Climate Smart Farm Projects’, we employ management techniques that combine sustainable agriculture with renewable energy production. We also regenerate additional paddocks with carbon farming techniques to improve the local soil health, drought resilience and biological health.


Volt Farmer offers host farmers several long term drought proof income streams and access to the latest in farm diversification opportunities including carbon farming and alternative crops. We take lease suitable paddocks giving landowners a secure and reliable passive income for 20+ years.


The work of pollinators is critical to Australian agriculture. Volt Farmer projects contain pollinator-friendly plants and we plan to host beehives on our solar farms. 



The Project has the potential to be far more than a solar farm, but to represent true innovation on a global scale, by demonstrating the potential for integrating distributed energy markets with traditional wholesale markets like the NEM.

David Martin

Managing Director , Power Ledger Pty Ltd.

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Why a Volt Farmer Green Energy Farm is Special

Discounted Renewable Energy

Simply buy your electricity at a fixed discounted rate for zero capital investment and enjoy long-term power security. Host a farm a receive even better rates.

Social Impact Credit

Our customers enjoy immediate positive social impact credit from the local and wider community

Environmental Credit

Our renewable energy farms provide very visible positive environmental and carbon abatement creation


Q1. Why take up valuable agricultural land rather than commercial roofs?

A1. Volt Farmer specifically targets land where we can combine solar farming with other sustainable agriculture. Placing a paddock into solar electricity production can easily co-exist with a range of other farming activities. Many farmers are enduring a prolonged drought and a solar farm can provide them with passive income for long periods. After the end of the project, the farmland is returned to pasture.

Q2. Do solar farms create heat lakes?

Q2. Solar farms have been shown to cool the pasture surface temperature which increases soil biological activity. Grazing animals and wildlife take shade under the solar panels. 

Q3. Will birds think the solar farm is a lake?

A3. Experience has shown birds are much smarter than humans think. With lots of dairy farm slurry lakes, mining sludge lakes and abattoir waste lakes in existence we have found birds remarkably ‘aware’ of fake lakes. As keen ornithologists, we have looked at solar farms in Europe, USA and Asia for recurring incidents of ‘confused birds’ plunging into solar farms. If it was an issue solar farm developers would be spending resources to prevent bird casualties as this would also affect the efficiency of a solar farm. We have created grass avenues for any ‘confused’ bird that might happen to land in our solar farm so that they can easily take off again. Our solar farms are also very small scale and the panels are matt.

Q4. What local shared value does a Volt Farmer solar farm produce?

A4. We provide the landowner with a long term reliable rental income, we supply clean energy to whoever wishes to buy it and we also develop additional enterprise opportunities to benefit directly from the low-cost electricity.


In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 goals for a better world by 2030. These goals have the power to end poverty, fight inequality and stop climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone.

I acknowledge the Traditional Owners of this beautiful country where we leave our footprints every day of our lives, and with great respect to our forefathers and mothers, both past and present, of the land in which I work and live.





“ To energise the world with renewable energy, to refresh farmland with regenerative agriculture and to create value through shared opportunities’